A dog having a permanent tracheotomy is rare, many owners  are frightened of being able to cope with this but it isn't really that difficult. I have found it isn't as bad as a child with a cold, the difference being a child gets over a cold, with a dog it is permanent.

Some breeds of dogs are prone to breathing problems, a tracheotomy will give dogs who have a great   deal of problems breathing a new lease of life, probably for the first time they can breath properly and start to enjoy life they way they   should.

 My little girl Ellie who had to have  a tracheotomy in was abandoned, she had been used for breeding and when she needed help, she was thrown out.  Ellie came into the pound with 2 large tumours, one on her left front leg the other on her right side.  Both these had been neglected but thankfully they were not malignant.

This was taken the day Ellie was taken to the pound after being picked up by the Dog Warden.   As you can see she is in terrible condition. 

Three weeks later there has been a big improvement with     Ellie, the tumours were removed the day her time was up in    the pound and have healed really well.   She has put weight    on and is a much happier dog.   This is Ellie sunbathing. 

As the removed of the tumours took a lot longer than expected, Ellie was not spayed, it would have meant her being under anaesthetic too long which would be dangerous.   Ellie came  into season the following September and was spayed at the  end of November.   Ellie's breathing wasn't right after being spayed but it wasn't bad enough to rush ber to a vet.

Ellie continued to improve healthwise, she became a much happier dog and mixed well with my other 5 dogs.   There was never any problems with her until after she was spayed.

With hindsight I am sure that Bonnie picked up that something was wrong with her breathing because she became very wary  of Ellie.   I couldn't leave them alone together, one had to be crated but as Ellie would break out of a crate, it was Bonnie   who was crated.




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